Business Stationery:
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Freestyle Print believe that well designed and printed Business Stationery is paramount in establishing a professional business identity, brand and overall image.

Our products include letterheads, compliment slips, continuations sheets, business cards, envelopes, folders and more.

With our extensive printing methods such as die cutting, foiling and UV lamination your stationery will be the very best quality.

Multiple colours and finishes available using a wide range of fine, recycled/cost effective papers and boards with matching envelopes. Make sure you take a look at our folder printing service.


Business Stationery Products

Business Stationery Products

Finishing Options for Stationery

Foil Types

There are lots of different types of foil effect and the way they look is very different so it is useful to know what is what. For an in depth explanation please visit our foiling page.

Hot Foil is the traditional foiling method that “stamps” a foil layer onto the card. In our opinion this is the highest quality and best looking result, however it does need a longer run to be commercially viable.

Digital foils sleek a foil onto the surface of the card getting it to stick to a layer of ink underneath – it can be a bit hit and miss over a run and is better suited to a background pattern than to fine text details, but it has the advantage of being lower cost on a shorter run.

The last mainstream foil option is a plastic polymer, built up and raised on the surface of the card and is best when combined with a soft touch laminate as the laminate gives the liquid something to adhere to. This can look good in the right place such as on product packaging.

Embossed / Debossed

Embossing (raised above the surface) and debossing (sunk into the surface) are often confused but we will help you out if you are unsure. Can be combined with foil or “blind” to create the design simply through indentation on the paper. In the white example above, the little logo is embossed and the rectangle around it was debossed. Typically requires a longer run to be commercially viable – at least 100 copies. You can see examples of embossing and debossing here.

Spot UV Gloss for a shiny impact

Often used on logos or other design features to help them stand out from the rest of the design. Spot UV works best when it is combined with a laminate underneath to help it grip and stand up on the surface, and is also most noticeable when used on something chunky (like a logo) rather than thin text. Is now available at reasonable costs on shorter runs than historically possible. Take a look at some examples of Spot UV Gloss here

White Ink Printing & Pantone Cool Grey 10

Our top of the range HP Indigo press not only offers the traditional CMYK printing options with unparalleled results with images and graphics, but we can also offer you white ink for printing directly onto coloured card and also Pantone Cool Grey 10. Take a look at our white ink examples.

Why would I want Pantone Cool Grey 10?

Black text on a white page is often considered too harsh a contrast to look really good, especially when there are also coloured images on the page. For most places, the alternative is to use grey text made up from CMYK – the trouble is when using CMYK to make grey it is impossible to avoid the text looking fuzzy (technically speaking it’s called dot gain) as the dots of coloured ink try to combine to make the grey. This is especially true with many of today’s thinner fonts. Step forward, Pantone Cool Grey 10…by using a single colour of grey in our press we can offer perfect, crisp thin text every time. It’s a dark grey, prevents the harsh contrast problem and looks fabulous every time.

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