Thomas’s Fulham School Leavers

Thomas’s Fulham School Leavers

2021 Leavers Book – Page per Child

Each child will have their own page, set out as per the example shown here. Please familiarise yourself with the layout and then submit your child’s details and photos. Please note the background colour scheme will automatically be selected for your child’s house. Becket = Blue, Hardy = Green, More = Red and Lawrence = Yellow.

The form below will capture all the information required, along with uploading 10 photos for each of the photo slots on the page. The example adjacent shows which photo will be placed in which position on the page, with image 1 being the main photo.

If needed you can save a partially completed form and continue later – you will see the option at the bottom of the form along with instructions on how to return to the part completed information.

If you have any questions, please speak to your class rep who will assist you.

The deadline for individual submissions is Tuesday 4th May.

Required Information and File Upload

Group Photos

If you have any photos that may be suitable for the collage section of the leavers book then please upload them here. You can return and upload these anytime up until Sunday 23rd May.

Please note, we cannot guarantee the inclusion of all group photos submitted. Final selection will be subject to the quantity of photos received and fair representation of all the children.