Impressive Business Cards

Impressive Business Cards

High Quality Business Cards,
because first impressions matter

We don’t supply everyday business cards – we only supply stand out business cards!

At Freestyle Print we understand that making an impact with potential clients and at business meetings is essential. We want your business cards to leave a positive impression and with our high quality printing processes, range of special finishes and expert design, we can offer you every option to come up with special business cards that will work to enhance your reputation.


Options for Impressive Business Cards

Options for Impressive Business Cards


UK standard Business Cards are 85mm x 55mm but as we make our cards bespoke, you can choose any dimensions you would like – including the typical US size of 89mm x 51mm, or square, or anything else.

Card Types

Our most popular range is the Colorplan range primarily because of the wide range of colours and textures available combined with the FSC certification of the range. We also offer a wide range of eco-friendly papers for business cards that are tree free, and papers that are 100% recycled. And then there are the velvet touch coloured papers for those who are looking for a touch sensation. Please contact us for more information on these or other choices we can make available to you.

Foil Types

There are three main different types of foil effect and the way they look is very different, so it is useful to know what is what. You can read a full description on here on our foiling page. The brief version is as follows: Hot Foil is the traditional foiling method that “stamps” a foil layer onto the card which can be sunk into the card or raised above the card as a result. Digital foils “sleek” a foil onto the surface of the card getting it to stick to a layer of ink underneath – which means it is always flat on the surface. The third version is a polymer built up and raised on the surface of the card which the foil then adheres to. For this to work it has to be combined with a soft touch laminate as the laminate gives the liquid something to adhere to.


Cutting cards to a specific shape is popular with brands whose shape helps define who they are. Because of the setup cost these tend to be more expensive business cards – unless completed in volume.

With so many bespoke options available, it’s impossible to list pricing for every combination online. The following will give an idea of some foiled business card costs – please do contact us for a quote for your exact specification, or to talk through your ideas for how to make your business cards special.

The following pricing is for one person – if you need cards for two people or more there will be efficiencies. Please contact us for exact pricing for your needs.

Standard Thickness (400gsm), Matt Laminated, Printed both sides, Foiled one side
Quantity 100 250 500 1,000
Price £146 £166 £199 £270
Price Per Card £1.46 66p 40p 27p
Double Thick on any shade of Colorplan (540gsm, non-embossed), Single colour foil on both sides
Quantity 100 250 500 1,000
Price £137 £170 £230 £340
Price Per Card £1.37 68p 46p 34p
Double Thick (duplexed) on any two shades of Colorplan (540gsm, non-embossed), foil one side, print one side
Quantity 100 250 500 1,000
Price £184 £220 £280 £400
Price Per Card £1.84 88p 56p 40p
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