Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders

Your business documents wrapped in a professional finish.

Improve the presentation of your documents with Freestyle’s presentation folder printing service.

Maximise the impact of your design through litho and digital printing, vibrant colours, bespoke sizes and finishing options. The team at Freestyle Print can ensure your folder matches your branding perfectly, delivering a consistent look in folder printing. Using laminating, foiling, UV varnishing and much more we can produce your folder exactly to your specifications.

We will help you make the right impression time and again. Rather than buying something off the shelf, we can help create a bespoke corporate folder that perfectly suits your needs.


Presentation Folder Options

Multiple Pockets?

Because we make your folders to your design if you need multiple pockets we can accommodate that. With business card slits? No problem. Want curved corners or another alternative shape? Again, we can do that.

Foil Types

There are lots of different types of foil effect and the way they look is very different so it is useful to know what is what. For an in depth explanation please visit our foiling page.

Whichever foil type is best for you, we can apply the foil to your folders – see examples below.

Embossed / Debossed

Embossing (raised above the surface) and debossing (sunk into the surface) are often confused but we will help you out if you are unsure. Can be combined with foil or “blind” to create the design simply through indentation on the folder surface. In the white example above, the little logo is embossed and the rectangle around it was debossed. Typically requires a longer run to be commercially viable – at least 250 copies.

Spot UV Gloss for a shiny impact

Often used on logos or other design features to help them stand out from the rest of the design. Spot UV works best when it is combined with a laminate underneath to help it grip and stand up on the surface, and is also most noticeable when used on something chunky (like a logo) rather than thin text. Is now available at reasonable costs on shorter runs than historically possible. Take a look at some examples of Spot UV Gloss here

Laser Cut / Rastered Covers

Add design features such as intricate shapes to your book covers by laser cutting or laser engraving using specific materials such as the highlight material shown above. Creativity unleashed!! Has the advantage of working commercially speaking on short runs as well as longer runs. Have a look at laser cut examples here.

Options for Impressive Business Cards

Options for Impressive Business Cards

Enquire about Presentation Folders

Enquire about Presentation Folders

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