Business Books Printed and Bound in Hardback or Softback

A well-designed, high quality book can make an impression instantly. We print all kinds of book types from a handful of copies for a personal project, to large runs of books printed for corporate clients. We also supply booklets and Lookbooks

Understanding Your Book Binding Choices

With Saddle Stitched, pages are bound together by wire staples.

Highlighting Saddle Stitch Binding for BrochuresSaddle Stitching is probably the most popular book binding method in which the folded pages are stapled through the fold line with wire staples.

Saddle Stitched Book Binding Example

Example of Saddle Stitched Book Binding

PUR Softback Binding is a spine glued with high strength adhesive

Highlighting PUR binding and the square bind resultPUR Softback Binding is essentially the same as Perfect Binding but using a high strength glue. Suitable for when the binding of your document needs to be longer lasting.

PUR Softback Book Binding Example

Typically Hardback Books use a 2mm hardboard

Highlighting an example of Case binding otherwise known as hardback books
Case bound books are commonly known as hardback books. They are made typically with your cover wrapped over a 2mm hard board.

Case Bound Hardback Book Binding Example

C shape wire binding offers flexibility

Highlighting an example of WirobindingBooks that are bound with wire binding will open completely flat and allow for 360 degree rotation of bound pages. Wiro Bound books can have either a hard cover or soft cover.

Wiro Bound Book Binding Example

Attractive metal screw binding

Book Binding Example of Screw Binding showing the metal screw binding a hardback bookScrew Binding works with both hardback and softback books. It is a particularly cost effective solution with larger (A3) books.

Screw Bound Book Binding Example

Screw bound brochure Haus Properties

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Optional Extras for your Books

We don’t have a fixed specification for your books – so you can choose the paper type and weight for the pages and separately for the cover. You can choose the size – even if you want something out of the ordinary, we can help. If you have questions please ask – we’re here to advise you.

Below are some examples of optional finishes for your book covers:


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Thanks for all your help and advice with the project, the books look great!

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